Ok Game On!  Importance of Dentist in Bryn Mawr

I’m not going to give most people’s top answers as my most important reason; not even as the second!

1. My top reason for going in for regular check-ups is to find small cavities.

All of my patients know my commitment to do the most conservative dentistry possible. I can only do this if I find small problems, with small solutions and price tags.

By the time a cavity is symptomatic the prognosis and the options are already limited, so catching cavities in their infancy is paramount to doing conservative dentistry. This is your best bet for avoiding root canals, dental implants and other invasive procedures.

2. The second most important reason to come in for regular dental check-ups in Bryn Mawr dental office is to screen for the most common disease known to humans.

Periodontal (gum) disease is also an evil best battled in its infancy, rather than when it has progressed and has started destroying the bone supporting the teeth. It’s one of the top reasons for tooth loss. We can identify emerging problems and deal with them non-surgically with rinses, extra homecare regimes or minor medicaments.  More entrenched periodontal disease might require a series of surgeries.

3. Ok, I’ll give it to you here:

Clean teeth. It’s not just that they are prettier (they are) but they are more slippery and hygienic, will accumulate less plaque and sponsor fewer cavities and gum disease. This is why these are called dental hygiene visits as we leave the mouth healthy and hospitable.

4. You don’t know what you don’t know. For example, did you know that we at Dillon Family Dentistry have the best solutions on the Main Line (or anywhere for that matter) for Sleep Apnea and snoring? Your dentist can be the professional best suited to mitigate these conditions that are at their least annoying (to everyone around them when they snore) to fatal (RIP Reggie White). If you don’t come into our dental office in Bryn mawr you will never know about these and other great options are available to you.

5. The final reason to come into our office for your regular check-up is that our dentist in Bryn Mawr and our dental office environment are awesome. It’s the music, the laughter, the stories and games that set us apart. It sounds crazy, but we just have a happy, feel-good environment that we and our patients cherish.

So, I’m guessing the other 4 have you thinking a little differently about coming in for regular visits.

We have a different approach to dentistry and it really seems to work.

If you want to check-out the experience for yourself, contact our dental office in Bryn Mawr or just give Joanne a call at 610-580-2708

Dr. David Dillon, Dillon Family Dentistry