Denture treatment at Dillon Family Dentistry in Bryn Mawr

There are options for you if you find yourself frustrated with how your dentures fit and function.

One of my little passions at Dillon Family Dentistry is keeping dentures serviceable. This is true for both partial and full dentures.

We can reline and custom-fit them back nice and snug. It only takes one appointment, is painless and costs a fraction of the cost of a new denture. Any time that we reline a denture there is a chance that we will have to do some adjustments in the days or weeks following in case there are sore spots.

To do this requires a few things.

The patient must love how they look, or have an easy solution for making them look acceptable. No reason to do the work to make them fit and function well if the patient isn’t able to project the confidence they deserve.

They can’t be badly broken or worn too thin. If they are a little fractured and tattered, we can actually strengthen them while relining them.

If they are beyond repair or just look old, we might need to remake them.

The good news is that this has never been easier since we are doing things digitally with our digital scanner.


The accuracy is greatly enhanced and the whole process is soooo much faster. The ADA actually recommends getting dentures relined or replaced about every 5 years, but I don’t see any reason to do that if they feel and function properly. Different people’s situations can cause a HUGE variation in how long a denture can be serviceable.

That sounds great, BUT IS THERE MORE???


It seems that we’ve had many people in recently complaining that wearing a partial denture, much less a full denture can cause them to lose a lot of pleasure when eating. Not just a reduction in taste sensation, but also texture pleasure can be lost. For many of us this is very important.

Getting implant supported hybrid dentures can have a much smaller footprint, allowing for more gustatory satisfaction. Since hybrids cover less of the roof of the mouth and soft tissues the patient can taste and feel the food much better.

EVEN better, fixed hybrids are much more stable. This means that things like corn-on-the-cob, chicken crisp veggies, wings, hoagies and other tasty treats are back on the menu.

This process is also getting easier, better and faster in our digital age.

WOW, right?

I can do you one better.

Many patients that have partial dentures can get dental implants that can be restored with crowns and bridges that are basically replacing the teeth, and not even diminishing taste and texture sensation and also improving chewing ability as well.

The only way to know what options are available to you is to come down to our Bryn Mawr Dental office, Dillon Family Dentistry, and let us check things out for you and we’ll talk about your options.

Start the process by calling Joanne at 610-525-5497.