The consequences of bad oral health are dire, especially for young, developing children. That’s why it’s vital that your child visits the dentist as soon as they are able to. Doing so makes sure that their gums stave off disease, inflammation, and infection.

But what can you do to prepare for your child’s first dental visit? What if they’re really scared of just the thought of showing up?

Dealing with these problems, especially with such a young child, can be frustrating.

So keep reading if you want a dental prep checklist. We’ll tell you exactly how to prepare your child for their first dental and why these methods are important.

Choosing a Local Dentist Office

Not all doctors are the same, and some will be more compatible with our child than others. So when you choose your child’s first dentist, choose carefully. Their first dentist will set a precedent for your child on what future dentist appointments are like.

You can first do a quick Google search, searching for something like “pediatric dentist near me”. Then, make sure the doctor in question is great by double-checking their reputation through licensing and reviews. If your child has special dental requirements, see if you can find a dentist that specializes in them.

It’s also ideal to meet with your prospective dentists. No matter their unique specializations, your child’s dentist should be direct, professional, and great with kids. All this will make your child feel much more comfortable and safe during their appointment.

Scheduling Your First Appointment

After you select your doctor, it’s time to schedule your first appointment. But even though you already had an initial conversation with them, it might be time for a second one.

It never hurts to call ahead and ask them how you should prepare your child for their first dentist visit. If your child is particularly nervous or afraid of pain, that’s also great to communicate with their dentist.

Whatever your child’s apprehensions are, let their dentist know about them. They’ve most likely dealt with these fears countless times and know exactly how to assuage them.

Preparing the Night Before

When reassuring your child the night before their appointment, don’t just tell them it’ll be fine. Answer their questions directly, informing them of what you’ve learned from the conversations you’ve had with their dentist. There won’t be any needles,

Then it’s time to distract them. Instead of leaving them to their own anxiety, give them plenty to be happy about until and after their appointment. You can encourage them to relax by:

  • Watching their favorite TV show with them
  • Making/buying their favorite food for dinner
  • Promising to catch a movie afterward

Associating positive activities with dental appointments will blunt their fear of them. Even if they never love going to the dentist, they’ll at least see it as a neutral responsibility.

Meet Your Child’s First Dentist Today!

The threat of bad oral health is enough to worry any parent. But compounding that with your child’s intense fear only makes matters worse. Luckily, the right amount of love, motivation, and research can ensure that your child’s ready to meet their first dentist.

If you like the sound of that, come into Dillon Family Dentistry! We provide exceptional pediatric dental care and can guarantee that your child’s visit is as comfortable as possible.

Got any questions? Then contact us today. Let’s get your child’s oral health on the right path.