Finding the right pediatric dentist for your child takes time. No matter how many Google searches of “pediatric dentist near me” that you do, finding the right one doesn’t just come down to a Google search result. 

It depends on whether they can answer these five burning questions on your child’s first dentist visit. 

1. How Can I Help My Child Clean Their Teeth At Home? 

One of the first questions you can ask your dentist is how you, as a parent, can help your child clean their teeth properly. 

Kids are kids, and they don’t always know or remember the best hygienic practices. The best pediatric dentist will walk you through how you can check your child’s teeth. They will also teach you how to approach your child about good tooth brushing and dental hygiene techniques. 

2. What Will the Dentist Do at My Child’s First Visit? 

Typically, you want to take your child to the dentist once they turn one year old or after they begin growing their first tooth. It is best to start them early by seeing the dentist. 

For a child as young as one, dentists will ask you to hold them in their lap while they check and clean the baby’s teeth. If your child is a toddler, then they will usually get a regular dental cleaning as any other person would. 

3. When Will My Child’s Teeth Start Falling Out?

Pediatric dentists are experts on when children start losing their baby teeth and can offer you advice on what to expect, as well as what you should do. While every child differs, most children will lose their first tooth well before ten years old.

If your child gets to ten years old and hasn’t lost any of their baby teeth, you should talk to the pediatric dentist immediately. 

4. Will the Dentist X-Ray My Child’s Teeth? 

This is an important question to ask. Depending on the kind of x-ray technology the dentist has, the answer may differ. 

For dentists who don’t have the latest x-ray technology, they may wait to x-ray your child’s teeth until your child is closer to six or seven years old. That said, there is a lot of x-ray technology out there that makes it safe for children to get their teeth x-rayed with no adverse effects. 

5. When Should My Child Start Flossing?

A dentist will answer this question with “ASAP!” Your child should floss, or have you floss their teeth, as soon as they’re able. Even if your child’s teeth are still baby teeth, you want to make sure you follow good dental hygiene like flossing. 

Pediatric Dentist Near Me

These five questions are important not just for your child but also for yourself to know. As a parent, you need to support your child in their dental care. “The best pediatric dentist near me” will be able to give you the advice to do so. 

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