Everyone looks on in awe at a beautiful set of straight teeth. Studies have even suggested that a set of straight means you’re usually perceived as smarter and more successful than people with crooked teeth. But the benefits of a beautiful smile don’t end at social significance.

There are several health benefits to having straight teeth, that you might not know about. Let’s take a look at the importance of having straight teeth when it comes to your health and well-being. 

1. Better Oral Hygiene

When your teeth are crowded together and crooked, cleaning them can prove difficult as it’s harder to brush and floss them properly. This can often lead to periodontal disease and an increased risk of cavities. 

Straight teeth are much easier to keep clean and maintain with just regular flossing and brushing.

2. Clearer Speech

Teeth play an important role in how you speak. Misaligned teeth can be responsible for speech impediments. Speech impediments can play a detrimental part in a person’s overall well-being. In both children and adults, it can have a huge impact on self-confidence affecting performance in education and the workplace.

Straight teeth give you the power to speak clearly and confidently, and confidence goes a long long way! 

3. Better Digestion

Chewing is an intrinsic part of the digestive process, and straight teeth allow you to it better. The more efficiently you chew your food the easier it is for your stomach and intestines to process food. Crooked teeth can make it harder to chew food, thus putting unnecessary stress on the rest of the digestive process. This can lead to stomach issues and poor nutrition. 

4. Head and Neck Pain

Crooked teeth can be responsible for the misalignment of the jaw, which can put stress on your jaw bone, joints, and even your gums. This can further develop into chronic pain and headaches. 

When your teeth are straight there is no extra stress on the joint of the jaw bone making it easier to chew. After having your teeth straightened you’ll inevitably notice fewer headaches and pain associated with additional stress on the jaw. 

5. Less Risk of Breaks, Chips, and Cracks

Accidents are inevitable, but if you have protruding or crooked teeth they’re more likely to cause you problems. Crooked teeth have an increased risk of cracking or breaking should you have an accident. Not only that, but crooked teeth increase the frequency that you’ll accidentally bite your tongue and cheeks.

Having your teeth straightened will help safeguard your teeth and mouth against accidents and accidental mouth biting. 

6. Increased Self Confidence

How you see yourself plays a huge part in your overall mental wellbeing. People with crooked teeth often lack self-confidence and smile less. With straight teeth, you’re more likely to feel confident in social situations and enjoy showing the world your beautiful smile. 

How to Get Straight Teeth

If you’re wondering how to get straight teeth then you’re in the right place. We understand that teeth straightening might sound like a painful process, bringing out the dentophobia in a lot of people. We’d like to reassure you that at Dillon Family Dentistry we pride ourselves on our understanding approach. We’re happy to listen to any concerns you might have, and discuss your teeth straightening options.

Go ahead and contact us today for an appointment!