Did you know that 20 percent of people avoid going to the dentist unless it is absolutely critical? Additionally, a third of those people are due to pre-existing conditions such as anxiety or PTSD and are not related to a dental experience at all. 

If you suffer from fear or anxiety at the mere thought of needing to go to the dentist, whether it be from a past experience or not, know that you have options. Painless dentistry also referred to as sedation dentistry, is the answer for you.

Take control of your dental health, starting now! Here are 5 things you need to know about finding a painless dentist.

1. What Are Your Dental Needs?

The first step to finding a dentist, like any other service, is knowing what your needs are. 

Essentially, not every dentist is certified to perform more extensive procedures requiring more than general anesthesia. On the other hand, some dentists may surprise you with their offered services all in one place.

At Dillon Family Dentistry, we offer a wide array of services from family dentistry to Invisalign and everything in between. For more information, check out our services!

2. What Is Important to You?

What is important to you is different than the care you need. An element that is important to you may not matter to someone else, so this is a key component to deciding which dentist is the right fit for you in every sense.

This can be something as simple as visiting the office beforehand to see the environment and the staff or something as crucial as same day service or late hour offerings. Finding an emergency painless dentist is worth it if it is important to you!

Customize your experience to whatever makes you comfortable and at ease.

3. What Is the Doctor’s Experience and Certifications?

When you find a practice you are interested in, look into the doctor. How long have they practiced dentistry? Are they board-certified? Do they have specific areas they are certified in?

If you are unable to easily find the information you are looking for, don’t be afraid to ask! It is important that you are confident in who is performing your care and you have a right to know their credentials and experience. They will be happy to tell you.

4. What Sets Their Practice Apart?

What is it that keeps people coming back? You can find this information from a few different sources. Oftentimes, a business will have a section on their website representing what they stand for or “About Us.”

Another way to get a truly organic feel of what makes them special is to listen to or read what people have to say. If you’re lucky, they may have a testimonials tab on their website. Facebook and Google are also great resources for recommendations! 

If you can’t find what you are looking for, ask! If a person feels strongly about something, they will gladly spread the word.

5. Is Your Insurance Accepted?

Of course, the cost is a huge factor. In some cases, someone’s anxiety may stem from it directly. It is important to ask about accepted dental insurance when considering being seen by someone. 

Finding a Painless Dentist Near You

Don’t ever doubt that finding a painless dentist is worth it. Your peace of mind is the first step to regaining control of your dental health and that is so important! Your dental health is directly tied to your overall health.

A simple Google search will help you begin your search for the perfect dentist. But…

If you’re near Bryn Mawr, or even if you’re not, we’d love to help you get your smile back! Whether you need a routine teeth cleaning or you need a more serious procedure, Dillon Family Dentistry can help. Contact us today!