Find the best dentist in Bryn Mawr

How to choose the best dentist in Bryn Mawr

This is obviously a very subjective question.

People have different standards/expectations when choosing a dentist.

The key to the issue is figuring out what is important to you.

If you enjoy the spa experience there are several offices in the area that offer the complete spa, relaxing experience. Whereas the advantages might be readily obvious there might be other issues that come with it.

You are going to pay for all of the added amenities and you often might be faced with an extra level of salesmanship at one of these boutiques. There certainly can be great dentists at the dental spas, just as there can be in private dental offices in Bryn Mawr, and everywhere else. You just have to evaluate whether the costs associated with going to one of these spas and the confines within which the dentists and dental teams have to operate will provide you the care you feel you deserve for the price you want to pay. It can certainly differ from spa to spa and private practice to private dental practice.

Some of the criteria many patients feel are very important are about the experience. Did the dentist and the staff listen to you? Did they actually care? Do they take the time to answer all of your questions?

Your best bet for discovering this before choosing a dentist in the Bryn Mawr area would be to find reviews. There are many different platforms on which we can find many reviews. Google, Lower Merion Community Network group on Facebook and other community social media groups like Nextdoor are a great source to find many reviews for all local vendors here in Bryn Mawr and the area. You can find many reviews that might detail the experience. Examples would be if they frequently refer to the providers as kind, patient and care about the patients they serve.

For many people their top concern is making sure they get painless dentistry provided to them. Do your reviews reinforce this?

Is the office, itself, clean and inviting? Is the staff nice? These can be a total reflection of the level of care you can expect to receive.

Another important factor is often the salesmanship of the dentist. Bryn Mawr dentists are not a monolithic group, just like everywhere in the country. There are many that will try to sell you on the one option they offer you. We get patients in Dillon Family Dentistry with this complaint from other offices frequently. We often hear our patients say things like:

“They didn’t tell me that was an option; they only tried to get me to get this extensive treatment plan…:”

” You HAVE to do this…”

“They didn’t ask me what I want!”

This last one is the crux of the whole experience. We make sure that we thoroughly assess our patients’ condition, listen to their concerns and then ask them which aspects of care are the most important to them. For example, cost containment might be a huge issue for some people and if they choose to use their entire budget on saving one tooth they might find themselves in an even worse predicament in the near future. We take the time to make sure that they understand all of the information pertinent to their condition and allow them to make no-pressure decisions that are right for them.

These queries all boil down to the challenge of the ethics of the dentist and staff. Are they there to sell and do as much dentistry as possible? If you ever wonder about this, you might actually be on to something. It has been one of the top criticisms of dentists in the past few years. Do they push the more involved, expensive treatment or do they make sure they are offering the right option for each individual case and person?

Once again, reviews might be your best source until you can spend the time and get to know the dentist and staff and evaluate for yourself.

There are other practical considerations that might be a driver in the decision.

If the whole family is looking for a dentist in the Bryn Mawr area there are many different types of practices to choose from. Pediatric, cosmetic, dental clinic and all of the other specialties.

There is an intrinsic value in choosing a family dental practice in that it is a relationship that continually gets built. The largest advantage to this is when young children become more familiar with the office by visiting when their parents and siblings are treated.  They often feel more comfortable and confident when it is their turn for a check-up and even more important if they ever have to get any treatment performed.