Did you know that an estimated 61 percent of people worldwide are afraid to visit the dentist? While some of them hate the smells and sounds of a dental office, the most popular dislike is the pain of dental procedures.

If you’re avoiding dental work due to fear of pain, you may be surprised to learn that you can find a painless dentist. This type of dental professional uses modern tools for procedures and often offers different types of sedation.

Read on to learn about four benefits of choosing a painless dentist.

1. You Can Cut Your Number of Treatment Visits

If you need a lot of dental work done, a painless dentist can often combine treatments so that you make fewer trips and face less inconvenience.

When you find a dentist that offers sedation, you have options that range from taking a pill beforehand to receiving medication through an IV. These varying levels of sedation can make it easier for you to handle multiple fillings, root canals, and extractions.

At the same time, your dentist can often work more quickly when you’re relaxed.

2. You’ll Be Less Likely to Avoid Dental Care

When you expect painless dental procedures, your oral health will benefit since you’re more likely to make regular trips to the office.

Making biannual trips for an exam and dental cleaning will help your dentist spot small issues before they become problems that can lead to tooth loss and costly treatments. You’ll also have any gum disease and oral cancer spotted sooner so that appropriate treatment can commence.

If you do need a major procedure, choosing sedation for dentistry can make it easier to book that appointment. You’ll have less anxiety in the days before the procedure too.

3. Your Procedures Can Be Less Invasive

Whether you need a filling or gum treatment, a painless dentist can often offer minimally invasive options that aim to reduce pain and preserve your oral structures.

For example, a painless dentist can often detect cavities early and only remove the smallest amount of enamel needed. They may also do blade-free surgeries and offer alternatives to traditional dental injections that help you reduce the need for a needle prick.

4. Your Dentist Can Better Handle Any Special Needs

Whether you have a condition like autism, a strong gag reflex, or high anxiety, a painless dentist is more suited to meet your oral health needs. Dental sedation options like nitrous oxide and IV sedation can help put you in a calm state and help with your gag reflex.

Beyond offering sedation, a painless dentist uses a gentle approach and gets to understand each patient’s needs for a better experience.

Find a Painless Dentist Today

If you’ve had a bad experience and want to reap these benefits of a painless dentist, consider visiting our dental practice where you won’t have to be scared of the dentist. Our staff desires to keep you comfortable during your treatments and listen to any concerns you have.

We take advantage of advanced technologies like ultrasonic scalers and antibiotic gum therapy to reduce your discomfort and ensure better dental health. We can discuss options for sedation as well.

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