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Earth, Wind and Fire and the Dentist!

We are going through another season of natural disasters. Wild fires are breaking out and storms are causing floods and wind damage all over the country. Fortunately, we have people and organizations to save us in all of those cases and we are very appreciative of their service, especially since many of the people involved [...]

2019-08-20T18:26:19-04:00August 10th, 2017|News|

Here’s what I like:

OK, last week I had someone ask me what's my favorite thing to do as a dentist. My response was "something that the patient really appreciates. It could be getting them out of pain or making their smile prettier, or just helping a dental phobic through the experience.' Flashback: We used to do PPE’s at [...]

2019-08-20T18:26:27-04:00November 12th, 2012|News|
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