I would like to address the importance of getting your teeth cleaned on a regular basis. For a long time, there’s been a really strong link known to exist between heart disease and gum disease. You’ll have a 20% greater chance of developing heart disease, if you have gum disease. Periodontal disease is the most common disease known to humans.  So, getting your teeth cleaned, getting the tartar and stain cleaned off your teeth is the front line defense in keeping you from developing periodontal disease. But more importantly, being able to diagnose it early will allow you to get more conservational treatment time, same thing goes with cavities. The more regularly I get to see my patients, the more conservational work I get to do on their problems. Because then I get to the root and find smaller problems and that also comes into play, both for gum disease and cavities. That’s why we take x-rays on a regular basis, we can make those diagnoses a lot earlier and right now, we use 5% of the radiation to take an x-ray,  which is what they did when I was a kid. So, it’s never been safer than it is now at David Dillon – Dillon Family Dental Care  – Your modern Dental Clinic in Bryn Mawr.

There are many health benefits for your teeth and gums that arise from getting your teeth cleaned. The main reasons to come in and get regular check-ups might surprise you. It’s been reported that people with gum disease are 5 times more likely to have strokes. So, just finding out if you have gum disease is vitally important. Early diagnosis is the key to simple treatment for both cavities and periodontal disease. Coming in for regular dental check-ups is your best defense from ever having to have major, and possibly costly, dental work and other serious health issues.