Today I’d like to talk about the different kinds of dental dentures as well as Denture Tips and Tricks.

Usually, when we think of dentures, most of us imagine a comedy skit about an old lady laughing so hard that her teeth fall out at the dinner table. Or, to address that, a commercial for denture adhesive with someone biting into an apple because their dentures are so secure.

Most denture wearers experience obviously falls somewhere in between.

Let’s start with the simplest dentures and work our way up the complexity trail.

For people that are just missing one or two teeth, to those that just have a few good teeth left, a partial denture might be a good option. The advantages are that they can be done very quickly and can address more than one or two teeth on one or different sides of the arch for one low fee. They can be made with several different types of materials that might optimize comfort, stability or have room for adding other teeth to them in the future. We can talk about the options and help the patient choose the one that feels right for them!

They can also be used to keep someone in a holding pattern until they can get everything together to have implants placed.

All-too-often we have patients coming in that never had partial dentures offered to them as a treatment option. That kind of sucks! It’s the dentist’s responsibility to make sure the patient is properly educated of all the options so they can make the right decision for themselves.

There are still options for people that have come to the end of the road with their teeth.

We can do immediate dentures where we place dentures right after taking out the remaining teeth, so they are never without a smile. Chances are they might not be able to chew very well immediately, but most of them weren’t chewing so well with their failing teeth anyway. Many actually have relief.

These can be refitted down the road and the patient can decide if they want to keep them as is, or have a couple implants that they can snap the piece onto.

For those that want the most definitive solution that looks and functions the most like real teeth there are dentures that screw directly onto the implants. They are very secure and will give most people a relief from dental emergencies for this first time in their adult lives.

These can be planned to be placed immediately upon the removal of the remaining teeth or started after living with the limitations with which full dentures often confine people.

One of the biggest differences between the fixed, screwed-on dentures and the removable ones is care.

Some people love that they just brush and water pick the fixed dentures the same way they would for natural teeth. Occasionally, the dentures should be removed here in our Bryn Mawr Dental office, cleaned and reinserted.

Dentists and hygienists love that patients have the ability to remove the kind that snap-on any time they want. This allows them the security of having a fresh and clean mouth all of the time since they can clean all surfaces of the denture AND the implants any time they want.

It can be a daunting task to choose the right path for your situation.

At Dillon Family Dentistry we make this as easy as possible with no-pressure, informative consultations where we can address ALL of the options available such as dental implant dentures services or dentures and dental services. That’s our commitment to the “Old Fashioned Care” that we couple with “Modern Dentistry”, because we believe you deserve BOTH!!!

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