You’re munching on your favorite snack when you feel a sharp pain. Hoping it’ll go away on its own, you wait a second. Before you know it, the pain gets worse.

Sure enough, you need a dentist, and you need one fast.

But before you hop in your car and visit the nearest dentist to your home, you should know that a little bit of research can help you save a lot of money and just as much frustration. Keep reading to find out why you shouldn’t always rely on distance when choosing the best dentist in your area!

Bad Customer Service

Most people are already more than a bit nervous when going to the dentist. The last thing you need is a rude receptionist or a dentist who straight-up doesn’t care about your pain tolerance.

Poor customer service might not seem like the biggest deal in the world. But take a moment to think about what it infers about the practice as a whole.

If they make a habit of hiring ornery or unhelpful people, it suggests they don’t care about how their patients feel. They’re in it for the money, not your welfare.

As a result, you might receive inadequate care. Or worse, they could do such a poor job that it makes your issue worse and requires extensive work.

Poor Sanitation

The American Dental Association has a robust set of recommendations that dentists can use to keep their offices and tools sterile.

The lack of sterilized tools or a clean environment is every bit as dangerous as a poorly-trained dentist. If a dentist uses unclean tools, for instance, they could make an infection significantly worse. An infection could spread to the rest of your mouth, or even throughout your body.

Unsanitary conditions speak volumes about the type of care you’ll receive…or lack thereof.

Trust your gut here. If you do enter an office and notice grime, walk out — even if it means a cancellation fee. It isn’t worth risking your health.

They Don’t Accept Your Insurance

Even if you manage to find a clean, friendly dental office, you’re not out of the clear yet. You’ll need to make sure they accept your dental insurance.

Offices often have deals with certain insurance providers. While you can still receive treatment (most of the time) if the dentist doesn’t work with your insurance provider, doing so will cost you a pretty penny.

Always call or check out an office’s website before signing any paperwork. It could save you thousands of dollars.

Don’t Always Choose the Nearest Dentist

While there’s no guarantee that the nearest dentist is as bad as the nightmarish scenarios described above, we highly recommend researching your options before making a final decision. Reading a few reviews or making some calls could keep you from drowning in medical debt, lessen your odds of exposure to harmful offices, and ensure that you get the type of quality care you deserve.

To find out how we strive to make every patient’s experience as good as it can be, reach out today. Whether you’d prefer to get in touch online or by telephone, we’ll be happy to talk through any concerns you might have!