The CDC reports that more than 1 in 4 Americans have a form of untreated tooth decay.

Considering a statistic like this one, it shouldn’t be surprising that many become confused about where they can find help. So, do you feel unsure after Googling “adult dentist near me” or “pediatric dentist near me”?

If you need clarity on the differences between dental care for children and adults, you’ve come to the right place! Read this article to the conclusion today, and you will know what to look for in the future.

Dental Care for Children

You may have noticed some differences mentioned on websites after searching “family dentist near me.” It can become confusing, however, once you start digging into the details.

Cavities remain one of the most common dental problems for children. More significant categories identified by dentists around the country can include the following.

Dietary Concerns

While being young has its advantages, it can also have its perils. Children that have too much sugar in their diet can do significant damage.

Whether you’re preparing for the first visit with your child or the hundredth, expect to discuss diet. Persistent problems with cavities or enamel loss need to get resolved or risk a lifetime of complications. 

Dental Care Habits

Few health concerns are more critical than learning proper dental hygiene from a young age. You can expect a dentist to help a child understand what to do and how often as part of their appointment. 

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Encourage your son or daughter to brush and rinse their teeth daily. You can also set a good example by letting them watch your routine.

Dental Care for Adults

As you age, finding dental care sometimes starts with searching “affordable dentist near me” without going further. However, practical concerns about the costs shouldn’t keep someone from taking care of themselves. Among other factors to consider, adults that need a dentist may deal with the following types of issues:

Periodontal Disease

Despite your best efforts, sometimes genetics come into play regarding your gum health. You may have a predisposition to worsening problems around your teeth.

While some problems don’t have a cure, they do have treatments. You can prevent many years of unnecessary procedures by going to regular appointments.

Identifying a Dental Care Plan

You might have developed dental care habits that served you well, but sometimes adjustments become necessary.

For example, assume that you haven’t kept up with flossing as recommended. After identifying early signs of gum disease, you may need to add floss to your routine.

Do You Have More Questions About Dental Care?

Dental care is so crucial to your overall health, and you’re going to have more questions that need answers. Understanding the differences between adult and child concerns can help identify where to schedule an appointment, but it’s only the beginning! Googling “dentist clinic near me” probably won’t give you all the answers you want. 

Dillon Family Dentistry commits itself to allow you or your children to feel empowered to understand treatment options. Contact us through our website today with your questions, or call 610-525-5497 to speak to one of our friendly staff members.