If there was one demographic that we are uniquely designed to cater to better than other office I would easily say it is phobic patients.
We usually just have one patient in the office at a time. There is a huge advantage to this.
Everything in the office is focused on having that patient as relaxed and comfortable as possible.
Most obvious is the music choice. We’ve always found this as a great distractor to divert their attention and comfort them.
But it’s really all of the other things we excel at that make the biggest differences.
The demeanor of the entire staff adjusts to each patient. We take the personality of our patients into consideration and make sure that we all conduct ourselves accordingly. Whether it’s open, gregarious person that needs more of a personal touch or the engineer that needs to know all the dirty details, we all present ourselves to place them in THEIR comfortable environment.
Maybe the biggest difference patients appreciate in our office is that we spend the time with them and make sure we’ve explained exactly what’s going on and what all of their options are and the benefits and drawbacks of each.
We hear that this is really not their experiences in other offices all too often. Patients tell us that they are only given one option and that’s IT way too often.
We never pressure and always take things at whatever speed our patients need or want to go.
It’s easy. It’s how we would all want to be treated.


Call Joanne at 610-525-5497 and you will feel the difference right away!!!