The Grinch’s Dental Transformation

Sure, it would be easy to understand how helping someone get rid of a toothache could change their disposition. We happily do that all of the time, but here’s one you might not even have imagined.

Maybe they are Grinchy because they are not getting enough quality sleep.

We know how much attention Sleep Apnea has been getting lately.

You can’t watch TV without seeing ads for CPAP, a space-face mask or tubes and wires tethered to someone supposedly enjoying a good night’s sleep. Other ads attack them as breeding grounds for bacteria. Their solution is Inspire, a $50,000. surgery to place a device in your chest to tell your body to breathe better.

Then there are all of the medications and supplements that might work, but good luck waking up without feeling foggy.

So, where does the dentist come into the picture here?

Dentistry Bryn Mawr has had the best-tolerated, most-effective, least-invasive and least expensive cure for decades.

Obstructive sleep apnea devices can simply advance the lower jaw forward opening the airway in the back of your mouth, or that of a grumpy person you might know, allowing for a generously opened airway.

Professionally made sleep apnea devices are unobtrusive, durable solutions that can leave their hosts well-rested and energetic. Please feel free to read up on the other side effects of sleep apnea: narcolepsy, hypertension, diabetes, ADHD, and the list goes on and on…

Over-the-counter devices aren’t assured of effectiveness, bulky, not durable and are a wild gamble at best.

Let’s get back to this Grinchy-thing.

The first class I took on sleep dentistry almost 30 years ago was eye-opening.

The instructor told us about his first patient he would treat for sleep apnea, his father.

He went back to his parent’s house and slept in his childhood bedroom and set his alarm for 3am. He snuck down the hall and peaked into his parent’s bedroom and was shocked by what he saw.

His mother was wide-awake, sitting up in the bed, his father, deep asleep next to her. She said she couldn’t sleep, because she was used to the loud snoring from her husband.


Then he said the most remarkable thing happened.


No one ever would have referred to his father as a nice person before.

It turned out he was always just tired and miserable from a constant lack of quality rest.

This was chilling to the bone.

This could be a solution for a grumpy person.

This is almost certainly going to be very helpful for a Grinchy person that snores or has been diagnosed with sleep apnea.

If you would like to help this person become as happy as all of the people down in Whoville, you might do well to send them into Dillon Family Dentistry, your friendly neighborhood dentist in Bryn Mawr, PA.

We can talk with them and see if the treatment seems right for them.

If we choose to go forward with treatment we can digitally scan the mouth and get very accurate measurements and have the professionally made device in their mouths in just 2 weeks.

Please feel free to call 610-991-7844 for a complimentary consultation.

BTW, this is also the most effective treatment for snoring.

It lets the whole house sleep in peace and we’ve helped couples get back in the bedroom and sleep together as well.