Dentist in Bryn Mawr for your healthy smile

Painless dental care, on-time appointments and exceptional communication skills…

Are they enough or should you aspire for more from your dentist?

What more could there be?

Check out our reviews and you will see that we are concerned with every place we can positively affect our patients’ quality of living. ‘What more can there be’, you might ask?

How about snoring and sleep apnea?

How many people do you know that snoring affects their lives?

Not just those suffering at the nighttime terrorism, losing sleep, losing the ability to sleep next to their loved ones, but also the snorer themselves. They are likely not getting the quality sleep they need.

There is a very high crossover between snoring and sleep apnea. Basic problems associated with sleep apnea are narcolepsy, irritability, lack of focus as well as hypertension, diabetes, ADHD and more.

Sleep apnea is even so much more serious. All fans of Reggie White know that it can also be fatal.

Here’s where the dentist in Bryn Mawr can come in.

Our dentist in Bryn Mawr can make a simple, comfortable device that goes in your mouth that keeps the airway wide open while sleeping, eliminating snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. There are no masks, tubes and wires or machine humming and pumping air like CPAP machines have.

Since there are no masks, tubes and wires or machine humming and pumping air like CPAP machines have.

This is how we reunite couples that haven’t been able to sleep together.

Your local, neighborhood DENTIST, putting couples back together!!!

What other wonderful things can we surprise you with?

Migraines, head, neck and back pains sound like the dentist’s job?
They might be.

If your bite is off and your teeth are routinely coming together in a traumatic manner the muscles in your head can go into spasms and create a whole list of problems.

We routinely screen our patients to see if this is an area we can improve their health and well-being.

Does YOUR dentist love you like this?

We are constantly educating our patients on these and other areas that can surprisingly have a dental component.

We also focus on other aspects of non-dental issues to make sure we are the best advocate for your optimal health.

A few times a year we have patients come in with ‘toothaches’ and we realize that they just have a sinus, viral or allergy problem that can present as a toothache on top teeth.

We care enough to thoroughly examine our patients and know when NOT to treat them.

Here’s a topical one.

Did you know that people infected with COVID (all of us) can have neuralgias presenting themselves in different manners.

Dillon Family Dentistry have had an uptick in Trigeminal Neuralgia patients during the pandemic.

Once again, these are patients coming in with very distinct, often very focalized pain.

Because we are completely committed to our patients’ best interest we stay abreast of the latest dental and paradental news and can know when not to drill, instead of treating the pain that our patients are alerting us to.

Do you feel you deserve that kind of kind, compassionate thoughtful care?

We think you do. Contact us today.