I just got back from the best dental meeting there is. CR Foundation gives a Dentistry Update each year. Think of a Consumer’s Report for everything in Dentistry.

Not only do they evaluate dental materials, products and equipment, but they also do procedures and hygiene, ranging from latest cosmetic and pediatric dentistry procedures.

I often reference their study on tooth brushing. They found that there was not difference in efficacy of using a manual or electric toothbrush. They do this in a properly controlled, unbiased scientific method. Everything else dentists and consumers hear is the opposite. I’m really thankful to have these guys to help me make the right choices for my patients.

I think the single greatest art form in clinical dentistry is decay removal. I’ve seen cases posted by some dentists where all of the tooth structure is white or slightly yellowish when they are done cleaning out decay.

Other dentists are willing to leave brown and black areas of tooth structure after they are done cleaning out the tooth assuming that they have removed all of they decay.

I always use a stain to help identify decay when cleaning out a cavity. When I was in dental school they taught us ‘extension for prevention’, which basically meant, ‘remove the decay and then arbitrarily remove a little more just to be safe’. That never really sat well with me.

CR Foundation spent 45 minutes talking about decay removal last time I went to their meeting. Nobody else talks about that because no one is going to sponsor them to do it. It really is the most ethical dentistry continued education forum out there.

Having an organization like this keeps me from having to use my own patients as Guinea pigs by trying different materials and tracking how one does compared to another. The work is all done for me.

I come back each time energized not just by the prospect of being able to do faster, better and more conservative treatment, but also a great feeling about doing the right kind of dentistry.

Thanks, Gordon Christensen!

(OK, it was held at Snowbird in Utah, but, my wife and son came with me and skied the two mornings that I was in the meeting. I got lucky this year and it was actually the two worst times to ski in the 4 days we were out there. We had beautiful powder the last 2 days).

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