There is a significant link between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. Nutritional deficiencies or general infections can be found through the mouth, and uninhibited bacteria can lead to serious issues like tooth decay and gum disease. In fact, according to the American Academy of Periodontology, 50% of Americans 30 years or older have gum disease.

Routine cleanings are of utmost importance for the prevention of such issues and to keep those pearly whites healthy. So, how often should we be going in for regular teeth cleaning? Let’s take a look before you start searching ‘dentist near me now’ online.

Healthy Smiles

Regardless of how well you think you may be cleaning your teeth, it’s important to see a professional regularly. Issues like gum disease can be difficult to detect with an untrained eye.
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Of course, each body is different and the needs of the patient can vary. Cleanings can be customized depending upon the basis of your needs. Your regular family dental clinic will look for early detection of major issues and provide the necessary education for you to keep your smile healthy for as long as possible.

How often teeth get cleaned is dependent upon each patient. However, a general recommendation from dentists is for patients to visit every 6 months. Depending on the level of health of your teeth and gums, some dentists may recommend more frequent visits throughout the year.

Steps During a Teeth Cleaning

What goes into a regular cleaning? Your dental hygienist will start your cleaning off by completing a physical exam. They will be looking for signs of concern such as gingivitis.

The hygienist will then go in to scrape any plaque and tartar from your teeth. Tartar is merely a build-up and hardening of plaque. A good way to avoid the build-up of this is to brush and floss regularly.

Once that buildup is gone, you will then get an in-depth brushing with an electric toothbrush. This step not only deep cleans but takes care of any left-behind tartar as well. Once your teeth are properly cleaned, your dental hygienist will floss and rinse out any leftover debris:

Deep Cleanings

For those who require a deep clean, special techniques will need to be used to address the situation. For example, if you’ve got bacteria below the gum line, a deep clean will be necessary to get rid of it.

This is crucial because bacteria can travel down to the roots of your teeth. This weakens them, causing a potential loss of your teeth down the road.

All Smiles for Healthy Teeth

By taking good care of your oral health at home, you can prevent any big issues upfront. In addition, by showing up for regular teeth cleaning as recommended by your dentist, you will be taking control of your oral and overall health.

Looking for a new dentist? You can search for tooth cleaning near me or dental cleaning near me to start. For those in the Pennsylvania area, feel free to use our contact page for any questions or to set up an initial consultation.