I just wanted to use this week’s blog to thank all of our wonderful patients that make our office such a nice place to visit!

I have had a few patients tell about giving nice testimonials to their experiences here in the office. Invariably, people question that they were actually in a dental office, getting dentistry done. They usually have to do some convincing to get them to believe that it can be fun to go to the dentist right here in Bryn Mawr.
Yesterday I had several patients that opened up with powerful life stories and it was an incredible bonding experience. We’ve worked hard to develop a safe, happy environment that instills trust and friendship.
Today, KD had me in tears with laughter. Might be the best interloper we have in the office.
Dental interlopers aside I need to thank my 2 aces, Joanne and Victoria for being happy, dependable rocks and rockstars in dentistry!!
It is far from unusual for patients to hang out and just talk to Joanne in the reception room and chat for a while after their appointment, or sit in the chair and continue an engaging conversation with Tori.
Thank you all for being part of my blessed Dillon Family Dentistry life!