Teeth in a day.
Right here in Bryn Mawr.
We’ve been doing this for years now, but it just keeps getting better.
Last week I went to a continued education event and was hearing about the way that digital dentistry is making this easier, faster and better for dentists and patients.

With computer imaging and CAD CAM processing we are making the process more precise and it is making the whole experience more streamlined.

A big part of the process is having a 3-D X-Ray, called a CBCT. This allows the surgeon and the lab know exactly where the bone is and they can determine the most ideal number and sites for the dental implants.
If someone has teeth and needs them all extracted the surgeon takes out the teeth, places the implants and we attach their new teeth all that day. They are never without teeth. As a matter of fact most patients look better and chew more confidently just days after the procedure than they have in years. It’s truly amazing.

The pieces we have are much smaller than dentures so the patient can taste and feel the texture of the food much better.
After everything has healed in a few months we can change the transition piece into the permanent one, known as an overdenture or hybrid denture, the patient will have for many years. Once again with the help of CAD CAM technology we can do this in just a few visits.
The same procedure can be done with people that already have partial or full dentures.

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