You probably know that Valentine’s Day is February 14th – but here are some interesting Valentine’s Day trivia facts you may not be aware of!!!
• Every year over 1 billion Valentine’s cards are sent – second only to Christmas.
• The people who receive the most Valentine’s Cards are teachers. They deserve it!
• Most flowers sold in the U.S. on Valentine’s Day are imported from South America.
• Richard Cadbury sold the first Valentine’s Day box of chocolates in 1868.
• This year over $1 billion will be spent on Valentine’s chocolates.
• It is believed that St. Valentine was put to death on February 14th. His last letter to his love (the jailer’s daughter) was signed, “From Your Valentine”.
• NECCO has been making heart-shaped candies with sweet saying since 1902!
• Alexander Graham Bell applied for his telephone patent on Valentine’s Day in 1876. Many years later on February 14th penicillin was introduced!
• Men spend approximately twice as much as women for Valentine’s Day!
Okay – now that you are an expert on Valentine’s Day – is your mouth ready? Here are some things you can do to make sure!!!
• Avoid foods that can cause bad breath such as garlic, onions and curry. While these foods are believed to be healthy, they can cause a kissing disaster unless your mate participates too!
• Use lip balm frequently. The cold winter month can make your lips feel like alligator skin!
• Drink water often throughout the day. This washes food particles out of your mouth and prevents dehydration, a leading cause of foul breath.
• If you are a fan of gum or mints, try those which contain Xylitol. Unlike sugar, it’s not harmful to your teeth, and actually fights off bad bacteria.
• Mouthwash can be good, but if your mouthwash contains alcohol (as many do) be careful! It can dry out the tissues of your mouth causing damage and a characteristic bad smell.
If you are due for a dental cleaning, want to find out about teeth whitening services, or have any dental questions, give us a call 610 525 5497 before Valentine’s Day and we’ll get you in the schedule at our dental office! After all, you want your Cupid kisses to be pleasant as possible, and at Dillon Family Dentistry, we do too!