I never met a morphosis I didn’t like!

The changing of the year brings an opportunity to make you consider changes in your life.

We are certainly doing just that in the office. You’ll notice a lot of changes next time you come in for a visit.
We have replaced the ceiling and will replace the flooring and paint the entire office. There is beautiful new art adorning the walls to set a unique vibe. We are really excited about the new look.

We are also getting a new digital X-Ray system and a new dental chair to serve our patients better.

It’s very scary and a lot of work to make all of the decisions and changes, but we know you’ll love them.

We will be able to perform even better dentistry in a prettier environment.

Ahhhhh, the New Year!

Every January, we change more people’s lives than any other month of the year. People on the Main Line and everywhere take it upon themselves to make the changes they want, and use the New Year as the impetus to make those changes.
Whether they have put off visiting the dentist for financial reasons, apprehension or just time to do the cosmetic dental makeover they’ve always wanted, January is right time for that New Leaf for them.

If you know someone that has been putting off treatment, this might be the time to get them moving forward.

Maybe it’s your aunt that hates her dentures and would like to see what dental implants can do to help her eat better. It might be a brother that has been letting things fall apart and now a new year’s dental benefits will help him pay for the teeth that have been falling apart.
It could be the smile your wife has always dreamed of having to make her feel better and more confident with bonding, veneers or just whitening.

For most of these people these are things they are constantly thinking about and they just need that last little nudge to get them to take the next step. You could be doing them a big favor to help them get a monkey off of their back.
Please feel free to invite them in to our beautiful Bryn Mawr dental office for a complimentary consultation.
We offer a relaxed, friendly, no-pressure environment that will put them at ease and help them have the beautiful, healthy smile they’ve been pining.
Just have them call Joanne at 610-525-5497.
Let the New Year begin, and make it be great!