Every year I write that New Year’s is my favorite Holiday, not just because it’s OK to start the day with a little drink, but rather because it is the embodiment of the idea that you can always tear off a new sheet of paper and work on making your life more of how you’d like and less of how you wouldn’t.
It is a power that we all have all year long but without New Year’s we seem more committed to slog through a rough situation, burdened by that which we can often drag out and bury like a used Christmas tree.
Diets, workouts, sobriety, increased (or decreased) work commitment and lots of other resolutions are flying all over the place like reindeer heading out for vacation this time of year.
And sure, we get more resolution, dental make-over and dental phobes breach the doorway in January than other months. Sometimes just because they have a new year’s benefits to help differ the costs. We are a real part of helping others make their lives how they know they should be to start off the year.
BUT, here’s what’s different with my New Year’s blog this year.
This year New Year’s is really a time for me to look back at last year in and out of work and take a moment, a breath, a personal mental victory lap for a wonderful year.
In almost every measure last year was the best or one of the best in my life.
In our office we all had more fun, got and gave more hugs, high fives, fist pumps planks, wall sits (that’s right, we’ll do all of those with you when you come in-Tori Looooves planks) and laughs than any other year.
I love my staff. In 28 years it’s been the best team I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of in here.
All of you that have been in here know exactly what I’m talking about. Patients are routinely popping in early or hanging out late to talk with Joanne.
I know, right? You’d think everyone would just be running for their lives from a dental office. Her happiness and warmth are so attractive that she transports people to her lovely world easily.
And Tori is so sweet we can’t contain her compassionate self to DFD, she actually took her show on the road and went to specialist’s offices to emotionally support our patients there. In a few short years she will no-doubt be a kind dentist, a painless dentist that I will proudly accept as a trusted colleague.
I won’t even go into how blessed I feel for me and my family’s health and love here but once again overall it just keeps getting better.

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But I digress…
The thing that seems to jump out the most about last year is the lives that we were able to be a part of transforming here in the office. It’s a gift to be able to get rid of dental monkeys on reticent patient’s backs and free them.
If you know someone that has been putting off getting much needed work for any reason we would love the opportunity to continue on our 2017 roll and add them to our family of happy, healthy unburdened patients.
All that it takes is a little phone call to Joanne at 610-525-5497 to get the ball rolling here at Dillon Family Dentistry.