Maybe, but there might be more to it than just that for you.

For those that have put off getting dental work done for a period of time, whether it was because of fear of dentistry or trying to find the inexpensive dentistry option, your needs might be different.

In my last blog we talked about fear of pain and payment, the two biggies. To a certain degree those two can go hand-in-hand.

For example, if a patient is given a very involved treatment plan they might be overwhelmed thinking about both the experience of going through all of the work and paying for it. This is often enough to keep them from getting anything done. Quite many Main Line dentists, and all dentists for that matter, might just recommend the most comprehensive treatment available for the patient, addressing every cosmetic, functional and structural need anyone could have. Certainly conditions that would affect their health and well-being should be addressed, but removing fillings that are perfectly serviceable, but just aren’t as pretty as the crowns and onlays we can do now should be offered in a different light. The same goes for cosmetic dentistry.

I feel that is very important for the dentist to listen to their patient and ask questions to find out what their values are and then offer all of the options, with their advantages and liabilities, to every patient.

Here’s a video describing just this situation:

Especially in January, with New Year’s Resolutions, time freed up after the Holidays and a new year of dental insurance benefits we see a lot of patients coming in with extensive needs. Some just want to get it all done as fast as possible. They are willing to come in once or twice a week and try to get everything done in a month’s time.

Others may want to get everything done, but for various reasons might need to take it a slower pace, budget it out or only want to get a certain part of the work done and have no interest in getting everything presented treated.

What’s important here is that the dentist and the patient are on the same page. This happens when the dentists takes the time to listen to the patients desires, fully explains their needs and offers all of the options with all of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

If you are considering getting back in the dental game, or know someone that needs to get back in the chair and would like to have an easy re-entry please call 610-525-5497 and have Joanne set you up a complimentary consultation to help you on your way. We’re here for you.