I’m just back from vacation over to Latvia, Austria and Italy and had a lot of time to do some extra reading and have a bunch of ideas for blogs.

Seeing how this is my first day back I’ll keep today’s blog brief and we’ll stay on the theme of ‘firsts’.

Something I just read about when to have your child’s first visit.
Usually in writing and lectures we were told ‘by age 3’.
We’ll for the first time I read that someone was saying that the child’s first visit should be before their first birthday!

What a great present that is!!!

At first this kinda shocked me, but then I realized that that is what I was telling our patients all along. One huge advantage of a family dentistry practice is that there can be seamless transitions from a newborn coming in the office in a car-seat, to an infant coming in when mom or dad is having their check-up appointment, or some other quick and easy appointment. This familiarizes the child not just of the concept of being in the dental office, but also with the idea of what the dentist-patient relationship is like and the idea of someone different than the parents playing around with their teeth.

As the child gets older we can let them sit on their parents lap and check their teeth and then eventually start cleaning their teeth by the time they are 4 and it’s not too foreign of a concept to them by that age.

Part of the article I read also referenced the idea of using Xylitol which I will go over next week. There are some really cool things going on with Xylitol so definitely look for next week’s blog.

We’re here for the rest of the summer so if you are having any problems or know of a friend looking for help or need a private dentist in your area be sure to give us a call. 610-525-5497.
We’ll be spending the summer right here in sunny downtown Rosemont
I hope your summer vacations are as pleasant and relaxing as mine was.