OK, so not all great things come from my Dad.

A couple of years ago Cindee and I had to hire another chairside assistant.
Cindee’s been through all of this in 20 plus years of working as a manager. (She actually has her own dental staffing business on the side, taking advantage of her experience).
We have a few things that are a must for candidates. They have to be neat, well spoken and timely. Cindee has usually been a big fan of experienced people because they are a known quantity most of the time if you check their references.

On the other hand I’ve had considerable success at hiring the person and then giving them the training and experience. Nicole was a great example of this.

As a dentist, two of the things that I have come to believe in is hiring slowly (firing quickly, if need be) and hiring nice, because you can probably teach everything else, but you just can’t teach nice!

We’re very protective of our happy, fun environment in our office and we wouldn’t let anyone in that would bring it down. You can tell this from the first time you call and hear Cindee’s voice on the phone. It’s just different than most that you’d call.
It’s not really enough to have a practice that is painless, clean and modern. The one tagline that patients have continued to wrap around themselves like a security blanket is that we “Cater to Cowards”.

Welcome Naeemhia!
Naeemhia has been with us for 2 years and we couldn’t be happier.
On top of being prompt, well put together and ambitious she’s down-right sweet!
(I’m a sucker for sweets. Ironic, isn’t it?)

For most of our patients there wouldn’t be too much of a difference if we changed which bonding material, veneers, cement, or even a patient chair, but the difference in having the right people doing the work, but also guiding you through the experience as pleasurably as possible is night and day.

OK, I’ll drag my Dad and my Grandfather into this one…
My Pop Pop used to teach that you should look at each patient and see a sign around them that read, “Make Me Feel Special!”
I guess that’s what nice people do.

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