Did you know that dentists have been using dental veneers since the 1930s? Painless dentist veneers both protect the teeth and add to your smile’s overall aesthetic.

Many people seek out this type of dental procedure because it brightens their teeth and fixes any cosmetic issues that cause insecurities. If you have anything wrong with your teeth that causes you to smile less, veneers might be the right choice.

However, before undergoing any procedure, you should inform yourself about dental veneers. Veneers are one of the most common painless procedures you can undergo. Here is a guide on everything you need to know about this popular dental trend. 

Who Should Get Dental Veneers?

Though anyone can get dental veneers, certain people may need them more than others. Before considering them, ask yourself why you want them.

Most people who get veneers have issues like: 

  • Yellow teeth 
  • Chipped teeth
  • Gap in teeth 
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Crooked teeth 

As you can see, veneers can drastically change different aspects of your teeth. Whatever insecurities you have, veneers can alter the color, shape, and size of your teeth.

Types of Dental Veneers

If you did an internet search along the lines of “dental veneers near me”, then you probably have more questions than answers. No doubt, the search popped up with terms like porcelain dental veneers and resin veneers. 

Porcelain is the more preferred because they bond right to your teeth and give an overall natural aesthetic. People likely won’t see that you have veneers because porcelain mimics real teeth so well.

Along with this organic look, porcelain also lasts much longer than resin veneers. If you implement the proper dental care, your porcelain veneers can last up to ten to twenty years without damages or staining. 

Resin veneers have their good and negative qualities, too. These consist of a material called composite resin. Dentists often use this as the filling for cavities or holes in the teeth.

The excellent part about resin veneers is they are malleable to your tooth’s surface. So, you won’t have to make multiple trips to the dentist. One visit should do the trick.

Keep in mind that resin does stain easier than porcelain and does not last as long. If you get resin veneers, you will likely have to visit a dentist somewhere down the line to have them fixed. 

Dental Veneer Costs

Now that you have information about the different types of veneers, you probably want to know how much they cost. No doubt, price is always a concern when it comes to fixing up your appearance.

As with any cosmetic service, it can be pricey. In general terms, veneers cost between $400-$3000. And that is per tooth.

Resin is going to be the most cost-effective, with the highest price being around $2000. However, if you want porcelain, the lowest price you will see is $900 per tooth. The most you will pay for porcelain is an outstanding $2500. 

Visit a Painless Dentist

There is no doubt that dental veneers can enhance your look dramatically. No longer will you have to feel insecure about your smile. Dental procedures are scary, but at Dillon Family Dentistry, we strive to be a painless dentist office.

If you have chips, cracks, or staining that you want to fix, you should consider dental veneers. Go ahead and schedule a dental appointment with us to get started today!