We’ve been restoring Dental Implants in our Bryn Mawr dental office for about 20 years.
There is rarely a day that goes by in our office when were aren’t working on or talking to our patients about implants.
They have allowed us to offer great solutions to tough situations for many of our patients. However, they are not always the right choice and sometimes how many, or when and where they are placed can be critically important. Treatment plans can vary widely from dentist to dentist.

I’ve help patients save thousands of dollars (and quite often hours of time in a dental chairs and fewer surgeries) by carefully selecting where and when to place implants. It’s a very delicate art that needs to be considered thoroughly.

Many times we start treatment with a patient and restore them without using dental implants. Maybe we start with a full denture and see how they accept it.
From that point we can reserve the option to place a few implants to convert them into an overdenture, a denture that is held in place by implants. Overdentures are not only more stable, but they can be made to be much smaller and less intrusive. If the patient desires something smaller and fixed, that never has to come out, we can choose to convert them into a fixed bridge that is supported by implants.
If you, or somebody you know, is looking for Dental Implant Services, I would definitely recommend coming in at our Bryn Mawr dental office and letting us give you an evaluation and possibly a different perspective that might benefit you.
You can call for a free consult, 610-525-5497.
Please feel free to contact me if you have general questions.