It seems that almost all meds these days have a side-effect of xerostomia, or dry mouth. On top of meds radiation treatment for cancer can also cause dry mouth.

You really need your saliva to keep your teeth healthy. You see your teeth are actually in a dynamic state of breaking down and being rebuilt. As you eat something your teeth will almost always be exposed to an acidic environment which will cause them to start to become demineralized. To counteract this your body washes your teeth with mineral-rich saliva constantly, which rebuilds the enamel. These are the same minerals that form the calculus and tartar on your teeth that we clean off a couple times a year.

So there is a new product out there called Xylimelts. It is a gum disc that has Xylitol on it and slow releases over time. It promotes saliva production and helps keep your pH higher.

So keep these in mind if you, your parents or grandparents have been having a problem with dry mouth, cavities (especially down near the gumline) or head and neck radiation treatment.

I believe that they are stocked by Rite Aid.

If you are in the Bryn Mawr area you can stop by a private dentist near you and pick up some sample or kits in here for you and your family dental care.
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