As the holiday seasons are upon us, bringing with them all kinds of sugar dreams which can beget dental nightmares, it’s not a bad idea to brush up on your brushing techniques. Brushing, like any habit, can be good or bad. It’s a daily chore, so it’s easy to slide into a lazy routine that’s not benefiting your dental health as much as you think.

Here are some quick and easy remindeers to get the most out of your brushing routine:

BE SURE TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT BRUSH –The ideal brush is one with soft bristles, which will remove plaque effectively without being too rough on your teeth and gums. A toothbrush with a small head is also advisable so that it fits well in your mouth and can get to those hard-to-reach places. I don’t really recommend any other the super-soft ones.

THREE IS THE MAGIC NUMBER –Aim to brush your teeth two to three times daily, but no more! Twice is probably ideal to keep your teeth healthy without overdoing it. Brushing too much can damage gums and wear away your tooth enamel.

USE A SMALL AMOUNT OF TOOTHPASTE –. A pea-sized amount works just fine. Remember, the actors in television commercials who squeeze a big blob on there are just trying to sell more paste. You don’t need to cover the whole brush!

DON’T RUSH YOUR BRUSH – If you brush too quickly, you’re bound to miss important spots. Again, mindless brushing habits will ensure you keep missing the same teeth every time!  Two minutes ensure that you’ll have time to clean each and every tooth thoroughly. One of the best features of the electric toothbrushes is the timer.

LET IT GO –That ubiquitous earworm from FROZEN provides good advice as far as replacing your toothbrush. After 3-4 months, it’s time to let it go! By then, the bristles will have worn down considerably and will no longer clean your teeth properly.

Practice these good brushing techniques and you can indulge in holiday treats without getting coal in your stocking (or stains on your teeth).  Keep in mind that brushing should not be painful or cause bleeding. If you are experiencing those or any other issues or simply need a dental cleaning or checkup, please give us a call at 610-525-5497. We are here for you!