The new reception room. You might call it the DFD Art Gallery.

We’ve finally finished almost all of our renovations. It’s been a year in the making since we changed our computer system to a cloud-based program that will allow us to serve our patients better in all situations.

In the beginning of the year we started the rest of the changes we’d been working on all year. The ceiling, floors and walls are all new and beautiful. Adorning the walls are new artwork from some very up and coming local artists that better reflect the light, cheerful atmosphere we enjoy in here. Several of our patients from 30 years ago remember the wallpaper with the giant butterflies and the 70’s Burnt Orange Formica room with the wall paper that made you feel like you were in the woods. Oh, to still be in the 70’s!!!

We’ve also upgraded our digital radiography system for the latest, most detailed digital X-Ray images available. So our root canals can be done faster, and more accurately than ever before and smaller cavities can be found earlier allowing us to do even more conservative, inexpensive, Painless Dentistry!

recWe got some new treatment chairs so that our patients will be more comfortable. So, during long procedures like Porcelain Veneer preps and other cosmetic make-overs our patients will be even more relaxed. And they’re really pretty, too.

Add to this our electric drills that make little-to-noise. This is really helpful for those patients that say the just really hate the sound of the drill.

All-in-all it’s about creating the environment that will make the patients more relaxed and comfortable and allowing us to just focus on the best, fastest, most conservative dentistry that modern technologies make possible. It’s actually the best we could have imagined for both the patient and the dentist.

Visit the office of this Bryn Mawr Dentist and see it for yourself. Dillon Family Dentistry has been serving the Main Line for 50+ years and I’m proud to say that this is the best the dental office has looked and has been set up to serve our patients.

And did I mention the artwork. My lovely wife Ieva, and her Best-friend Marketa have graced the walls with their paintings. Call Joanne and set up an appointment to see it for yourself, 610-525-5497. We’re sure you’ll appreciate it.