I like this one!
Bonnie comes into my office, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, for the first time. She tells me about nightguard wearing away and her clenching and grinding.
Her teeth hurt in the morning and she had a few other problems relating to her bite.
After checking things out a little I realize that she needs an equilibration; her bite needs to be balanced. I explain that this means that I’ll study how her teeth come together and then find out which ones are not hitting the right way. Once I identify the interferences I can reshape the teeth a little (no anesthesia, it’s easy because it’s such a small amount of tooth that gets drilled) and get them to fit better.
It’s extremely rare that I do this for someone and they don’t look at me wide-eyed and say “Wow, I never knew that my teeth were so far out of whack,” or something like that.
I’ll usually ask them to fill in “my teeth feel more_______.”
So, I ask Bonnie how things feel and she says maybe the most adorable thing ever uttered in my office.
“My teeth feel like they finally have a home”
I love it!
I swear I think I’m going to use it on the website, or business cards or some where.

This is kind of common. Some people call the problem ‘TMJ’ and it can be terrible. They can have headaches, neck aches, the muscles in their face could hurt, they might not be able to open very wide or can be wearing away their teeth from the trauma.
If the bite is off I’ll believe anything!

Another patient came in as an emergency visit and was having migraines, the patient had been seen by another dentist and a team of physicians. She’d had MRI’s done trying to find the source of the problems she was having.
After seeing her once in the office I figured out that I might be able to help.
The next time she came in I equilibrated her and her condition is so improved that she is not going to have the surgery that the physicians wanted to try.
Cool stuff.

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