For many people this is the time of year that they throw away thousands of dollars every year.
Dental benefits usually are based on a calendar year and don’t carry over into the next year. Once the year is finished, so are the funds. Poof! They’re gone.
If you are lucky enough to have dental insurance now is the time to get a cleaning and check-up.
Hopefully. You are fine and don’t need any work done. If you do you would likely be best served to get it done before then end of the year and use this year’s benefits that you’ve already paid for.
If you are unlucky and need to have some more involved dentistry you might exceed your annual maximum. If you start the work now you can likely bill some of it for this year and the rest for next year and take advantage of each year’s benefits and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.
For example, if you need to get a root canal, build-up and crown on a tooth it could easily exceed what you have left of your annual benefits. We could bill for the root canal this year and start the crown and build-up and finalize the billing in the new year when we deliver the crown. The same thing can be done with a Cosmetic Porcelain Veneer case or a Dental Implant case, where we can itemize parts of treatment and do them within a couple months and use 2 years benefits and save the patient thousands of dollars potentially.

As always, at Dillon Family Dntistry, we are happy to do all of the work submitting the claims and following up with the insurance companies to help maximize your benefits.

This is the best time to visit your local dentist and get a comprehensive cleaning and check-up to maximize your benefits.
If you’re not sure about your insurance, please call Joann at 610-991-7844 or drop in at your friendly Bryn Mawr Dentist’s office at 1084 E. Lancaster Ave and we’ll look into your policy, explain your benefits and also let you know how we can help you.