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We like the “Other” Dental Patient, too!

Understand the dental practices Sure we like patients that have their teeth and want to keep them forever. That’s the dentist’s bread and butter. We focus on prevention using fluoride and sealants in children. We spend the time, often showing older adults the right way to brush for the first time in their lives. It’s [...]

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Tis the season to burn money? We can save you!

For many people this is the time of year that they throw away thousands of dollars every year. Dental benefits usually are based on a calendar year and don’t carry over into the next year. Once the year is finished, so are the funds. Poof! They’re gone. If you are lucky enough to have dental [...]

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Yaaay! You have a cavity!!!!

Ok, this doesn’t really happen, but it should. Still sound crazy? I guess it does, but you should be less freaked out by it. It could be construed as good news if you think about it. Schick Digital X-Rays came up with a new product for doing X-Rays and we are getting better resolution than [...]

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Travelling with terrific teeth tips

Tis the season for vacations and get-aways. We work hard all year long saving up the time off and funds and waiting for everyone’s schedule to align and hit the road for the reward of a little R & R. Here are a few tips to make sure that that time is not interrupted by [...]

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Who’s my favorite in the office?

OK, that's a little tricky. Certainly my wonderful staff are my favorites and I could not imagine working without them. But, of all of the equipment, gadgets and toys that we have here in the office the one that I would hate to work without would easily be my Digital Radiography system. They are faster [...]

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A couple important things to help round out the year.

First off, for those of you with dental insurance, many of your plans have money for you that has to be used in the calendar year and then IT IS GONE!!! If you have work to be done or don’t know if you need anything done, now is the time to schedule an appointment to [...]

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Your Teeth Deserve a Vacation

The suitcases are packed, the car is loaded, the dog is at the kennel – and it’s time for summer vacation!! There is no better time for relaxing at the beach, exploring a fascinating city, or enjoying the outdoors. Being miles away from home always makes it less stressful and more fun too! But being [...]

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