Understand the dental practices

Sure we like patients that have their teeth and want to keep them forever. That’s the dentist’s bread and butter.
We focus on prevention using fluoride and sealants in children. We spend the time, often showing older adults the right way to brush for the first time in their lives.
It’s a great time to be a dentist, we have the best materials allowing us to do the most conservative

, least invasive longest lasting fillings.
We do crowns and root canals to save their teeth after they’ve been more extensively damaged.
We closely monitor our patients’ gums for periodontal disease to make sure they can stay healthy and keep their teeth as long as possible.
But sometimes this isn’t good enough. Even here in Bryn Mawr people still get to the place where they have to ask themselves if it’s time to give up on their teeth.
These are the “Others”!
Some are in their 30’s and 40’s, most a little older.
So, what about these people with teeth looking to get rid of them, or those that already lost them and want a better option than dentures?
We have dental implants that can give us a foundation upon which we can attach a great looking strong set of ‘teeth’, called an Overdenture or Fixed Bridge.

We use amazing CAD/Cam technology to know exactly where the teeth and bone are, where to place the implants and to make the teeth that go on top of them.
We have the ability to take the teeth out, put the implants in and put the new teeth in on the same day, so they’re never without a nice smile or the ability to eat.
We have many options ranging from teeth that stay in and have to be removed by your dentist or pieces that the patient can take out and clean a couple times a day. Each have their advantages and limitations. We’re always happy to explain what all of the options are to help make the best, most informed decision.
As a Bryn Mawr dentist, we are very fortunate to have many different surgeons and dental labs right here in the Main Line area to help facilitate the whole procedure. So if you, or someone you love is a regular “Bread and Butter’ patient or an “Other”, we’re here for you. Call us at 610-525-5497 and we’d be happy to help get you in your best position possible.