Ok, this doesn’t really happen, but it should.

Still sound crazy? I guess it does, but you should be less freaked out by it. It could be construed as good news if you think about it.

Schick Digital X-Rays came up with a new product for doing X-Rays and we are getting better resolution than ever. This allows us to find and diagnose smaller cavities more effectively.
What does this mean to the patient?
Well, just this week we filled a couple of cavities for patients that we wouldn’t have been able to see using other systems. We’re finding the cavities earlier, which means less destruction, less drilling, more minimally invasive, less anesthetic, fewer crowns and root canals. This is a true blessing for a conservative dentist.
I tell my patients that I would be happy to do ‘small ball’ dentistry all day long and help them stay away from major dentistry as much as possible. My dad used to say that he liked collecting healthy patients like other people liked collecting stamps.

Since we’re finding less invasive cavities we can fill many of them with painless dental care without having to get the patients numb. This is both because the cavities are smaller, but mostly because they are much less deep into the sensitive tooth structure and farther from the nerve. So the cavity we are finding might have been next year’s root canal and crown. I’d say that’s a reason to celebrate.

Yes, it would be ideal to not have and find ANY cavities. Pursuant to that endeavor we still focus on prevention with routine cleanings and check-ups, fluoride applications as necessary and dieting counseling. But if you still get ‘em, we’ll find ‘em as early as possible to keep you needing the least invasive, least expensive dentistry possible.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get into for family dental services call Joanne at 610-525-5497 and we will do everything possible to treat you to the most conservative dentistry that current technologies afford. Right here in our beautiful Bryn Mawr Dental office.