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Yaaay! You have a cavity!!!!

Ok, this doesn’t really happen, but it should. Still sound crazy? I guess it does, but you should be less freaked out by it. It could be construed as good news if you think about it. Schick Digital X-Rays came up with a new product for doing X-Rays and we are getting better resolution than [...]

2022-02-23T10:12:54-05:00June 24th, 2015|News|

The Best Question to ask your Dentist

I would think one of the most important questions you could ask your dentist, or a dentist you are considering going to, would be what kind of dentist they are. What do I mean by that? Several times in the course of my career there have been popular articles in national magazines concerning dentists and [...]

2019-08-20T18:26:26-04:00March 7th, 2013|News|
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