Italian researchers have evidence of a 14,000 year old teeth that had been worked on by the first known ‘dentist’.
Here’s the article:

Dental Amalgam, “Silver Fillings”, have been used for less than 200 years. Not so long in respect to the full history of dentistry.
If you look at all of the advances in dentistry since when my Dad started treating patients it’s incredible! Belt driven, cable drills, then to high speed air driven and now we use quiet electric ones. The different lighting devices make me realize that they were practically doing dentistry in the dark!
Bonding materials allow us to conservatively fix chipped and broken teeth and to bond beautiful porcelain veneers on teeth. We haven’t used mercury (silver) fillings for over 20 years and almost all the crowns we do are metal free so they are more bio compatible, conservative and esthetic .
We’re putting Dental Implants to replace single teeth or all of them.
Root canals are painlessly done in one visit. Hell, everything we’re doing is painless.
Invisalign straightens teeth simply by wearing mouthguards.

And all of this is happening .0035% of dentistry’s history.

So your friendly neighborhood Bryn Mawr Dentist can do more for you that any other dentist in the past 14,000 years.

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Not a bad time to be a dental patient!