Dental veneers are thin pieces of material that are placed over the front of the tooth to alter its appearance, making it more appealing. But are they good for your teeth and how long do veneers last?

If you’re interested in correcting or improving the look of your teeth, consider veneer options! Read more to learn about dental veneers.

Benefits of Veneers

There are many benefits to choosing veneers to boost your smile’s appearance.

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If you have a chipped or injured tooth, they bond to the tooth giving it protection from further damage. They are relatively low-maintenance with the exception of brushing and flossing your teeth normally. They also require very little removal of your natural enamel, so your teeth still have that protection.

Aside from health reasons, they can also give you your smile back and improve your self-esteem tremendously.

How Long do They Last?

The longevity depends greatly on a few things.

First, they are made from different materials, and not all of them are created equal. For example, porcelain ones tend to last longer because they’re a harder material versus composite veneers.

In addition to the material used, your teeth need to be in good condition to receive veneers. In some cases, they might not be the best choice because of the damage to the tooth.

You play a large part in ensuring that they are protected! Brushing and flossing are encouraged and needed to prevent staining, but you’ll need to avoid tooth grinding and stay clear of hard materials and foods as they could break the veneer.

Generally speaking, if you take care of your veneers as best as possible, they may last anywhere from 10-30 years. Be sure to keep regular appointments with your dentist for dental cleanings and check-ups.

Different Types

As mentioned above there are different types. Here are three of the main choices.

Porcelain ones are made of porcelain and are a popular choice because of their reflection of light. They look more like a tooth than other materials. In most cases, you can expect 10 years from a porcelain veneer.

Composite ones are made of resin and require a bit more care than porcelain. However, they’re a great choice when you’re on a budget because they cost less. Composite ones last about 5 years.

No-Prep veneers are placed right over your tooth without any prep necessary. They are quick to apply but a little more costly than the previous veneers. No-Prep veneers may last up to 20 years when cared for properly.

Your dentist can help you answer questions about which veneers may be the best fit for your circumstance.

Are They Right for You?

If you’re wondering how long do veneers last, you need to consider their care and composition. They provide a wonderful and cost-effective way to brighten your smile.

Are you wondering if they are right for you? Our team can walk you through any questions you might have! Contact us today to schedule your appointment!