With new dentures come a few new problems. Your mouth may become sore or you might start to produce more saliva than normal. Lucky for you, there are ways to combat these common issues.

As long as you get your gums checked out on a normal basis, use a proper amount of adhesive, and keep your mouth and dentures clean, you should be able to wear them with confidence and pride.

If you’re still having issues even after doing the basic maintenance steps then you should talk to your dental professional and check out this guide.

1. Eating With Your New Dentures

When you get new dentures you need to be a little careful about what you eat. Soft foods are ideal. If you can, chop your food into small pieces before you eat it.

Be careful about how you bite into food and take it slow when it comes to chewing. You also want to use both sides of your mouth to chew. Stay away from hard, sticky foods.

2. Keep Your Dentures and Mouth Clean

You’ll need to keep both your dentures and your mouth clean in order to avoid infections. When the day is over, take them out and brush over them with a soft-bristled brush.

Repeat this process with your gums and then rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash. Store them away in a wet container.

3. Get Your Gums Checked Out

Another way to avoid infections is to get your gums checked out at least once a year by a professional. Not only will they look over your gums but they can also restore your old dentures or fit you for new ones if need be.

4. Use a Proper Amount of Adhesive

You may need to use a little bit of denture adhesive in order to keep them in place in your mouth. This being said, if your dentures aren’t fitting correctly more adhesive isn’t the answer.

Instead, make an appointment with a dental professional as soon as you can. They’ll be able to make adjustments to improve how your dentures fit in your mouth.

5. Practice Speaking

If you’re new to dentures, note that talking might be a little rough for a while. You can make it easier on yourself with practice.

Grab one of your favorite books and read it out loud. This will help you get used to how your dentures feel in your mouth and help you adjust to speaking with them.

Tips for People With New Dentures

Getting new dentures should be an exciting time. They will help improve the appearance of your smile and they aren’t too bad once you get used to them. Use some of the tips you read here to get adjusted to your new dentures so you can gain confidence with them and not experience any issues.

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