Enhance your smile with Dillon Family Dentistry in Bryn Mawr

January is somewhat predictably the busiest month in our office.

New benefits on insurance policies, the Holidays are over and people can get stuff done.   New Year’s resolutions help people whoop up the courage to address that which they have been putting off.  Case in point, coming to their friendly neighborhood dentist.

There’s no better time for dental-phobic patients to come in to our office for solutions.

Dentistry has advanced in so many ways to make it more palatable.

One of the biggest advances is that we are doing just about all of our lab work with a digital scanner.

For most people, the peace of mind comes in knowing that this has allowed us to do the most precise and comfortable crowns, porcelain veneers, partials and dentures that we have ever done for our patients. Fewer adjustments, better long-term prognosis, better esthetics and comfort are all of the advantages.

As amazing as all of that is, the best part for our dental anxiety patients is that we are not doing impressions any more. Our digital scanner quickly and painlessly takes thousands of images of our patients’ teeth and delivers it to the lab within minutes. My lovely wife’s biggest fear used to be having to get impressions done here in the office. Now for her and many other patients we have just taken that right off of the menu.

HUGE win!

Dental implants have never been better.

Whether we are talking about a single tooth, quadrant or an entire arch or entire mouth, the process has never been so predictable. Our understanding of the process has continued to develop, often affording us to place dental implants in places we couldn’t before, or even placing them immediately after extracting a failing tooth.

We dentists have more options to offer our patients with implant restorations. Since we are doing such precise work, we can usually screw the permanent crown directly on to the implant.

What is so good about that?

I’m glad you asked!!!

The gold standard of care before was to make a custom abutment that gets screwed onto the dental implant. Then we would usually cement a crown on top of that, or sometimes screw the crown onto the abutment. That was 2 interfaces and screws that could fail. It opened the possibility of cement getting left on part of the crown below the gums that we couldn’t see or feel.

We’ve cut these liabilities by more than half!!!

Same thing with full arch restoration, or All-On-Four, “Teeth in a Day”, procedures.

These are very complicated reconstructions we do linking 3,4 or even up to 8 different implants, each angled slightly differently all together in one solid piece that gets screwed onto the dental implants.

The quality of work we can do with the digital scanner makes this very challenging process much more straightforward, once again saving huge amounts of time, but also sparing patients the whole gagging experience of some often invasive impressions.

Lastly, teeth whitening is amazing!

My plastic surgeon friends hated watching the TV show Extreme Makeover.

They knew they were doing incredible services to help people look better, be healthier and more self-confident.

The care and training they and their teams did was amazing.


The pain, healing time and trauma to patients was significant. The healing could take weeks, if not months.

Then the dentist did their thing.

Sometimes it was as non-invasive as ZOOM! Teeth Whitening. Other times it was porcelain veneers and some crowns. It could even have been a couple of very well made partial dentures.

The results were immediate, the effect was astounding and there was usually no trauma, pain or healing period. Most of these cases were done in less than 2 weeks.

Even my plastic surgeon friends usually agreed that the dental and smile portion of the process was the most profound transformation.

All of this is here are ready for your avail.

If you have work that you want to get done, but need to summon the courage, I invite you to come in for a complimentary consultation and I think you’ll find that Dillon Family Dentistry can demystify the experience and help instill a belief that you can get through this and possibly even enjoy the experience.

Look for reviews of our office and they should help you on the path to confidence.

I hope to see you soon and help make 2023 a banner year for you.

Contact us at 610-525-5497 and she can get you on the right path.