With the recent holiday season beginning, we would like to present to you the new Dillon Family Dentistry Trivia Game!!!

How you know that you ate too much over Thanksgiving:
a. You set off 3 earthquake seismographs on your morning
run on Friday.
b. You are responsible for a slight, but measurable shift in
the earth’s axis
c. You decided to take a little nap and wake up in mid-July
d. You’re sweating gravy

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All jokes aside, we hope everyone had a delightful and lovely Thanksgiving with their families. :) Now onto the real dental trivia questions!

1. Which country gets credit for inventing the toothbrush in the early 1400’s?
a. England
b. Spain
c. Ireland
d. China

2. Of the following animals, which one grows more than two sets of teeth?
a. Elephants
b. Sharks
c. Beetles
d. Snakes

3. In the early days of America, what profession was also considered to be the dentist?
a. Farmers
b. Carpenters
c. Blacksmiths
d. Lawyers

4. What is the most common reason patients under the age of 35 have tooth loss?
a. Accidents
b. Periodontal disease
c. Opening bottles with their teeth
d. Diets high in sugar

5. In what state is it illegal for women to wear dentures without their husband’s written permission?
a. Alabama
b. Vermont
c. Ohio
d. Louisiana

Let’s see how you did! Here are the answers:

1. China (d): The Chinese are given credit for inventing the toothbrush. Now it was nothing along the lines of what we have today. These toothbrushes were made out of bristles from pigs, horses, and badgers!
2. Sharks (b): Sharks can have up to 300 hundred teeth at one time!!! No wonder so many people are afraid of this animal. If one of the teeth becomes injured or lost, a tooth from the back row moves up to replace it and a new tooth grows in that existing spot.
3. Blacksmiths (c): Paul Revere, the famous American soldier and blacksmith, advertised for his dental services in the Boston newspaper.
4. Accidents (a): Unfortunately many of these missing teeth come from sports accidents. In order to help protect your teeth while playing sports, it is always a good idea to wear a mouth guard! For patients over the age of 35, the reason of tooth loss is periodontal disease.
5. Vermont (b): It is hard to believe that this is an actual law today, but apparently it is in the state of Vermont!