Are you afraid of the dentist? Well, your fear has a name. It’s called “dental anxiety” and affects 75% of adults in the United States.

While some fear is common, you might be suffering a more intense form of dental phobia. Despite this, clean and healthy teeth are essential for a confident smile and overall health.

So what can you do if you’re afraid? Can you overcome your anxieties?

You can absolutely use some basic techniques to calm your worries. Dental appointments aren’t the horrors you might think they may be. Calming yourself enough to get through yours will help you realize that.

Keep reading to understand how you can gain control over your dental anxiety. Afterward, you’ll be ready to book your next appointment!

Bring Someone You Trust

When you’re already stressed out, dealing with it alone might only worsen your nerves. You might create an internal echo chamber where you only amplify your fears.

Granted, some people feel better dealing with their stress alone than with other people. But if you’re someone that benefits from extra support, then bring someone you trust to your appointment. They can talk to you and ease your nerves up until your name is called.

Destress Before Your Arrival

You can also ease your fear of the dentist by destressing and unwinding before your appointment. If talking to a friend is enough, then great! Otherwise, you might want to use other therapeutic techniques before your visit.

First, get plenty of sleep the night before your appointment. Adequate sleep is essential for regulating stress levels. Maybe you want to take a long, warm bath before your visit, accessorized with aromatherapy candles.

Listening to calm music while sitting in the waiting room can help, too. In general, avoid overstimulating activities that could amp up your adrenaline-spiking stress levels.

Let Them Know About Your Fears Beforehand

Call ahead and let your dentist know what you’re afraid of. Most likely, you’re afraid of the potential pain of treatment.

However, you’re basically guaranteed a painless dentist experience. Anesthetics and numbing gels are available for virtually every dentist treatment. You won’t have to worry about unbelievable pain from tools like needles and drills.

While they sound intense, you’ll only feel slight pressure, not pain. But in any case, call ahead and ask about anesthetics and numbing gels involved in upcoming treatments. You’ll be assured that you’re in good, pain-preventing hands.

Choose a Dentist You Trust

Sometimes you need a dentist that’s as empathetic as they are skilled. That’s especially true when you’re already afraid of the dentist.

Instead of randomly choosing a dentist, consult with different dentists before committing to one. During this visit, be honest about your fears and see if you can build a good dentist-patient relationship with them.

Doing so will A) build rapport with them and B) create an in-depth conversation about your fears. If they don’t make you feel comfortable during this initial visit, your discomfort might only worsen when they’re working on your teeth. But if they do make you comfortable, then you’ll feel much better about going into your prospective appointment.

There’s No Need to Be Afraid of the Dentist!

We hope this guide you’re inspired to gain control over your dental anxiety. Being afraid of the dentist can be daunting, but you can squash your fears with the right tools and techniques.

You might be wondering, “Where is a painless dentistry near me?” At Dillon Family Dentistry, we understand that dental appointments can be nerve-wracking. But rest assured, we are well-equipped to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

So book an appointment with us today! With a gentle touch, our dentistry will offer you a great-looking smile through great teeth and a pleasant visit.