So, I just got back from seeing my best mentor Gordon Christensen out in Park City last week.

Dr. Christensen has been running a facility called, Clinician’s Report, that is essentially just like Consumer’s Reports, for dentists. It is a not-for-profit testing lab that does unbiased,scientific testing on products, materials and procedures in dentistry. I love taking Continued Education courses and in my opinion it is singularly the best dental meeting out there!!

Here are a few of the innovative things we are incorporating into the office from what I learned.

In an effort to further our quest to provide the most comprehensive preventative dentistry we are going to start screening for early cavities by “polishing”, also read as mildly sandblasting, the grooves in back teeth with Sodium BiCarbonate. Yes, one more use for baking soda!!!
If the stains come off there is a very small probability of decay present. However, if the stains don’t come off there is a 90% probability of decay having a non-reversible foothold in your tooth that will continue to grow with time.
Previously, the best method that we had for diagnosing incipient (early) decay on the surface of a tooth was by Diagnodent. The Diagnodent shines a light into the surface of a tooth and can measure the light absorbed and was a pretty good indicator of the presence of decay. I was always concerned that it might give too many false positive readings and used it with some discretion.

We have been doing more and more helping patients with sleep apnea, snoring and grinding issues (bruxism). We will be getting a device in the office that will be a very sophisticated monitor that can be used at home. While sleeping, it can measure oxygen saturation in your blood, you breathing rate and how often it is interrupted, the presence and volume of snoring and grinding activity. This take-home device is way less expensive and complicated that a hospital sleep study and can be done at home. Pretty exciting stuff.

There is another product that we’ve had in the office for a year that is called Oraverse. It’s a cool product from an innovative company that can reverse the effects of the local anesthetic at the end of your appointment. This can speed up how soon you can eat, smile and speak normally. The meeting was just a reminder to us to let more of our patients know what else we can do for them.

These were a few of my favorite things. If you happen to be in the Bryn Mawr area and want to know about more of the things we’re adding to our practice, feel free to stop in.
Just call Debbie at 610-525-5497 and let her know you’d like to stop by.

Drive safely and enjoy the beauty of an exceptional winter (yes, I am an avid skier).