If you are of a “certain age”, you may remember gently placing your lost baby tooth under the pillow and hoping the tooth fairy (or one of their agents) would come by in the middle of the night and replace it with a dollar. Well, it seems those days are gone!

According to a survey by Visa, the national average is now $3.70 per tooth, up to 40 percent in the last two years!

“Tooth Fairy inflation clearly is surging,” says Jason Alderman, Visa’s director of global education. Alderman goes on to say this rise in rates is due to several things and names an improving economy and parental guilt as the two main drivers. “It’s hard for us to say ‘no’ to our kids,” he adds.

Neal Godfrey, the chair of The Children’s Financial Network, agrees on the guilt aspect. They have seen that about 6 percent of tooth fairies (or their parental representatives) are leaving more than twenty dollars and two percent are tipping the scales with a whopping fifty bucks for tooth!!

So while we can’t counsel you on how much to suggest that your local tooth fairy slips under the pillow, when it comes to all things concerning children and their teeth, at Dillon Family Dentistry we are here for you!

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