I love skiing with a very dear friend of mine. We’ve taken some great trips in the past few years. I like him so much I request bunking with him, even though is one of the loudest snorers I’ve ever suffered through.
After our first trip I recommended he ask his dentist in Boston for a snoring appliance. A simple, removable device made by a dentist that is essentially 2 mouthguards that keep your lower jaw pulled a little forward and open. This makes it essentially impossible to snore when adjusted properly.
2 years later my friend informed me that I had nothing to worry about. He had gone through a series of sleep studies and doctor visits and was given a CPAP machine to force air through his airway, eliminating the snoring and poor sleeping from the obstructive apnea he had. I was happy that he found a solution for his problems. It was no surprise that he also had sleep apnea, most people who snore do. It is actually the more serious problem. Us Eagles fans will remember that it is what killed Reggie White!!!
It more commonly deprives people from getting enough rest during sleep causing fatigue, falling asleep and grumpiness.
The dental removable devices will usually cure the sleep apnea as well. Actually more people find success with the dental devices rather than the cumbersome CPAP machines.
Anyway, to finish the story about my friend, when we took the next trip he actually forgot a piece that made it impossible for him to use his CPAP machine and I suffered at the hands of his snoring once again.
If you have a friend or family member, OR IF YOU snore, please come in and talk to us about one of the great products we have to help you and all of your friends and family.
Some of the products we routinely use are Silent Nite and the Oasys system. They’ve had a solid track record for decades!

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