It took me 9 months to share this gift with the world. Over a hundred hours of labor.

No, not a child.

In September, I started the planning for the Holiday Auction for my Rotary Club each year. Through a lot of hard work and the help of many generous people we raised $19,000 this past December. One hundred percent of these funds go to local non-profits.

In February, I started accepting applications for community grants. In April my committee decided on the recipients and finally in May we gave out the funds to local non-profits.

It feels truly amazing to be able to give out the money to these people that run important organizations, while working on a shoestring budget. Each year we never know which recipient’s story will bring us to tears. (This year it was the Boy Scout Troop from Ardmore).

For me and my fellow Rotarians it’s a labor of love that we hold dear and important to us in our lives and the good that we do is the crux of our Service Above Self moto.

Very early on in my career as a dentist, I realized that I chose the same opportunity professionally.

It’s never lost on me what a life changing difference we can make in someone’s life.

We’ve had few patients recently that gave us that chance.

We had a lovely Sister from Holy Child come to us from Nigeria, specifically to take care of her teeth. We eagerly accepted the incredible challenge presented. Not only did we achieve a great restoration of her difficult situation she presented to us, but also accomplished to change her confidence in herself. On first meeting Sister she was meek, scared, and nervous. When her treatment was over and it was time for her to head back to Nigeria, she was cheerful and very thankful for all we had done for her. Hugs all around.

We’ve had a few people in the past few years that have also navigated themselves to us, several from some bumpy lives that are headed straight on a seemingly smooth course after much work and dedication by the individuals. We’ve had the honor to find ourselves in position to ‘place the final piece of a puzzle’ of helping them put their lives back together.

It’s a feeling so incredible to us we’ve helped out people who couldn’t pay for it.

The gift of being able to be part of the transformation of one’s life is a true blessing and we have that in the forefront of our minds every day.

We’d like to thank all that have been part of giving us the opportunity to help those and all of our patients find health, comfort and confidence.

We would be honored to be part of your transformation, or that of a loved one that needs our special brand of friendly, compassionate service, above self, of course.

Just call us at 610-525-5497 and Joanne’s lovely voice could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!