OK, so things haven’t really gone your way dentally.

Sorry to hear that.

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You still have options when your own teeth aren’t an option any more. Once you and your dentist come to the conclusion that you might be better off removing all of your teeth you need to ask yourself the question:

“Am I OK with wearing a full denture that I’ll have to learn to try to limit it’s movements and functional abilities?”

If you are OK with trying that I can take impressions and measurements and I can have the lab make a denture that I can put in the same day that I take the teeth out.

You will be sore and your ability to eat and talk will be pretty compromised for a couple weeks.

It will feel huge and foreign in the beginning.

Many people are OK with these, but as implants get easier and more predictable more people are choosing overdentures and implant supported dentures.

Once you make the decision to get implants as part of your solution you need to get special X-Rays and have a surgeon examine your bone. This will help determine where and how many implants could be placed and if bone grafting is necessary.

After the surgeon and I consult I will have you come in and we can talk about your options.

Your options could go from simple pieces that look like smaller dentures that snap on to abutments on top of the implants that you can take out and clean whenever you want. They are the least complex option and can be completed the quickest and are the least expensive options.

It could look like this:

Some times it is necessary to make a bar that sits on top of, and connects to, all of the implants. Once again a smaller, less obtrusive denture would snap on top of it.

It’s a little more complicated and will cost a little more, but is usually more secure.

Here’s an example:

In many situations the best looking, functioning and feeling solution will be a bridge that is screwed into the implants.

This can be a lot more work, and take longer to complete, however it truly is the most like having your own teeth back, but without the problems that you had with your own teeth.

All of these options usually can start using the implants the day that they are placed.

Examples of these procedures are “Teeth in a Day” and “All on Four”.

They are all great options and each one is the right fit for certain people. We’d just spend some time talking about you and the options to help you make the right decision for dental dentures. The cool thing here is that even if you make your decision and are unhappy with it, we can switch and try on the other options. Do visit our local dentist office at Bryn Mawr. We would be more than delighted to guide you.

I hope this helps.