You might say laughter, but we actually crack that one in here at Dillon Family Dentistry.

Sadly, what is all-too-often the case is that apparently other dentists aren’t always offering all of their patients all of the options for their unique situation and all of the possible treatment options.

We take great solace and sanctuary in the idea that it is not our place to dictate what someone’s treatment should be, but rather impart all of the pertinent information upon them allowing them to make the best informed decision for their dental treatment.
With Cosmetic Dentistry this could be the difference between getting Invisalign, or other forms of Orthodontics, porcelain veneers or just some bonding to achieve their desired result. Different people would choose different options in the same situation. We always try to give them the choice.
We actually do many fillings painlessly without even getting our patients numb, but we always ask our patients if they would like to get numb or not. This is maybe the scenario we encounter most often and we are often very surprised by different people’s choices and would have gotten it wrong for them if we just assumed ourselves.
We believe in this so much that even the music that is played in the office is chosen by each patient. It’s a luxury that we can afford our patients since we usually are treating just one patient at a time.
It’s impossible to know all of this if the dentist and staff don’t spend the time with the patient and not answer all of their questions. We make sure we solicit the questions they can’t think to ask on their own. This is how we would want to be treated, so it’s how we treat all of our patients every time.
If this sounds good to you, or you know someone that feels like they’re being treated like a number in another office call Joanne at 610-525-5497 and come in and see the Dillon Family Dentistry difference.