If New Years is my favorite Holiday, its greatness comes from the planning and commitment starting now.

It’s a wonderful opportunity that gives us all a clean slate to make the new year the best one yet. You might want to take some time to make sure that your 2013 will meet all of your expectations by forming your goals now.

But, before that you might want to make sure that you are finishing out 2012 well and here’s a little thing that might be helpful for many of you!!

Just a little thing for those of you with Dental Insurance.

Do you realize that your benefits are a significant part of your compensation?

It can be thousands of dollars for you and your family of compensation that you don’t receive each year.
Most benefit plans are on a calendar year. You have just a few weeks left to take advantage of using these funds before THEY ARE GONE!

You should call Debbie this week and schedule a check up if you haven’t had one in the last 6 months. If you get in this week there is still a chance that you can get any work done using these benefits before they expire.

We help our patients manage their benefits each year. Often we will identify some work that should be done early in the year, but will wait until later in the year if we feel that there might be some other work that will be need to be done later. Then, in the end of the year if nothing else needs to be done we can do the other maintenance work and maximize the utilization of the benefits.
We have many patients that scheduled appointments to get the work done in December months ahead of time to do just this.

Don’t get me wrong, you may have work that needs to be done and you get a certain amount of benefits. They never equal each other, but conscientious planning can help maximize your benefits and limit your out of pocket contributions.

Just looking out for you.

Peace for you in the old year and greatness in the new,